Ideas to stay connected with your customers during the Coronavirus quarantine

Things are changing quickly and now is the time to connect. The Lavish team is brainstorming ideas to help you stay connected to your customers and bring in some revenue now. We have some easy ways to keep your brand top of mind with your customer base so they're ready to do business with you once we have weathered this storm. Keep an eye out as we'll be continuing to expand on these ideas and sending you new ones as often as possible.

Larry Rodgers|Founder
Lavish Jewelry Cleaner

P.S. In this time when many of us are feeling uncertainty, our Lavish team wants to help keep everyone in our community connected and moving through this as smoothly as possible. We will continue to provide helpful ideas and solutions. Please reach out to me directly if you have ideas that can help our retail jewelry community and suppliers successfully navigate these challenging times.


1. Treat your jewelry to a day at the spa.

Many of your customers are stuck at home and bored! They aren't able to go to the spa, but they can give their jewelry a little spa treatment. Now is a great time for them to spring clean and that goes for their jewelry as well. Let your customers know they can order Lavish from you for curbside pick up, if it's allowed, or delivery by mail. Offer a Lavish Jewelry Spa Spring Cleaning Box.

2. While your at it, Go Through That Jewelry Box!

Jewelry Box Resize, Repair, Redesign, Regift

Encourage your customers to go through their jewelry box and prepare the 4 R's: Repair, Resize, Redesign, Regift. Now is a great time to sort through the treasures in your jewelry box. Find items that need Repair and rings that need to be Resized. They might have pieces that they don't wear anymore. Now is a great time to use FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc to work on a Redesign with your customer remotely. Regift - people need cheering up right now more than ever - perhaps they have a piece of jewelry that they want to gift to a friend or loved one. If they do, have them set it aside so they can have you (their jeweler) clean and polish it up to make sure it's looking tip top.

3. Host a Jewelry Cleaning Webinar.

Jewelry Cleaning Webinar

Stay connected to your customers by hosting a jewelry cleaning webinar. Set a date and have your staff reach out to your customers to check in and encourage them to sign up.