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Lavish Foam

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Lavish Signature Jewelry Cleaning Foam

Our Lavish Jewelry Cleaning Foam is our #1 customer favorite product.  The foam is a special blend of bio-based surfactants that coalesce in a foam to efficiently break down the daily buildup of grime and allow it to be easy rinsed away leaving nothing but sparkle and shine.  The foam is dispensed through a non-aerosol pump foamer, so there are no nasty propellants to damage our ozone layer.

Customer Reviews

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coleen norris
Love this product

Wonderful product…beat jewelry cleaner I have ever used!

Martha Mewbourne
Sparkle Sparkle….,,you came back!

My 57 year old engagement ring looks fabulous! I am amazed at how it sparkles! I have emerald cut stones (sapphire and diamonds) and they catch the light and sparkle like new. The sapphire shows off her rich, oriental blue. The diamonds glitter.
My jeweler recommended this product and I am so grateful. Love it.

Leigh Ann De Ruiter
Excellent product excellent service

I love the incredible shine I get when using Lavish Foam. On just seconds my gold and chrome watches and jewelry have the same new look and shine as when I get them cleaned by a jeweller. When I ordered more of the products they forgot one bottle and immediately responded with a follow up shipment. Thank you for your professional service. LA from Edmonton Canada

Marie E. Johnston
Does a fantastic job

This is a great product.

Excellent cleaner

Makes jewelry really sparkle. Fast shipping thank you.