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Lavish Foam

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Lavish Signature Jewelry Cleaning Foam

Our Lavish Jewelry Cleaning Foam is our #1 customer favorite product.  The foam is a special blend of bio-based surfactants that coalesce in a foam to efficiently break down the daily buildup of grime and allow it to be easy rinsed away leaving nothing but sparkle and shine.  The foam is dispensed through a non-aerosol pump foamer, so there are no nasty propellants to damage our ozone layer.

Customer Reviews

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Justin Jensen
BEST Cleaner Ever!!

Our local independent jeweler gave this to us 5 yrs ago with purchase of our rings. We use it all the time on ours and anytime someone comes over. They are always blow away at how clean it is in such little effort and time. It is all I will use. We just ordered 3 extras just to give to friends. When I say it’s the BEST, it’s an understatement.

Lavish the jewels with Love

I love this product. It makes cleaning your jewelry so easy. And, my rings look wonderful. I purchased it from my jeweler originally and then they went out of business to retire. So, I searched for it on the web and found it! I was so excited.

Susan Ginger
Lavish jewelry cleaner, best product ever

This jewelry foam cleaner works great and comes with a small brush to get your rings extra clean. The order was filled fast and arrived boxed nicely and the foam cleaner comes in a nice bag along with a brush. Would definitely order again. Great product!

Laurie Glancy
This is what my jeweler recommended.

My jeweler gave it to me to use on my diamond ring. It works wonderfully my ring shines after just one use. And so fast too. I use it on all my jewelry now.

Suzanne R
Good product! Great for stones like fragile turquoise and pearls

I’ve been using both the Lavish foam and the liquid and comparing them to other cleaners. The foam is great for stones and pearls. The liquid works well for gold and even silver.